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BRAZIL - São Paulo
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SIMON - Spain and Portugal

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An important principle for SIMON: future depends on our planet becoming bluer and bluer.

Simon Holding, is an industrial group made up of 25 companies throughout the world, with its headquarters in Barcelona (Spain), in the business of producing and marketing low-voltage electrical items, electronics, indoor lighting based on LED technology, street and industrial lighting, voice and data transmission systems, access control, security and management, pipework and street furniture.

A small workshop set up in Olot (Spain) in 1916 was the start of what today, 100 years later, is the Simon group: a family business which has grown over four generations thanks to the hard work and tenacity of thousands of people who have given their best. On the basis of its main business activity, the manufacture of small electrical items, it has earned global standing through both diversification in its products and constant international expansion, while

adhering to values which have not changed over all these years: enthusiasm, commitment and daily hard work.

The SIMON group has various RDI centres, the main ones in Spain, Poland and China. One in ten people in the company are part of the team of professionals dedicated to researching and designing new products. A team which every day meets the challenge of generating new ideas to transform design and technology in solutions for comfort, security and sustainability in any setting.

Thanks to constant investment, the companies in the Simon group have the latest manufacturing technology and its production processes are subject to constant improvement in order to achieve the highest quality standards and maximum competitiveness for SIMON products all over the world.

Competitiveness and constant improvement applied also to energy saving solutions and care for the environment.